Speed Dating – Is It Still Popular?

Going by the advertising on television we are in the midst of a boom of single people. Every other advertising seems to promote an online dating service. But what about speed dating? You don’t see that advertised on the TV – does it still exist?

According to Wikpedia, “speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process or dating system whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of new people.” The idea of speed dating is credited to Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Asih HarTorah, who originally dreamed up the idea to help Jewish singles meet and marry. “SpeedDating” as a single word is a registered trademark of Aish HaTorah so often “speed dating” written as two separate words is used as a generic term to describe similar events.

First taking place in late 1998, this new approach to dating took off in  moldova marriage agency   earnest soon afterwards when several commercial services started offering similar, but secular, events around the country. And once it was portrayed on shows such as Sex and the City, its popularity soared.

Speed dating vs Online Dating Agencies The obvious benefit of speed dating is the face-to-face contact; online profiles, photos and videos are no replacement for the real thing. When meeting someone for the first time, an impression is formed within the first 60 seconds and that first impression is permanent and according to a dating survey, 71% of people still believe in love at first sight. And the speed also enables the participant to meet a wide range of potential mates in a short period of time; ideal for those busy office types who don’t have time to socialize much.

These events are seen as a safe environment, controlled and organized and, unlike online profiles, it is pretty obvious if someone isn’t telling the truth about their appearance – they are sitting right opposite you after all! And of course, you walk away after five minutes; so the stress of keeping a conversation going all evening is never an issue. And, if you don’t like the guy well, it’s only five minutes; no need to come up with excuses to finish a date early or texting the agreed SMS to a girlfriend when the blind date you are on turns into a nightmare!

And don’t think that speed dating isn’t keeping up with technology.  belarus dating  Ironically, given that the main perceived benefit of this form of dating over other options is its “in person” emphasis, online speed dating is now the new thing. Sites such as cupid.com host meet-ups and different events including speed dating.

Dating is Here to Stay So whether it is a dating agency, blind dates, speed dating or double dates, it is safe to say that dating is here to stay. And with over 41% of the adult American population classed as single, speed dating appears to be as popular as any other dating strategy for all those single folks out there.

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